International Women's Day


Hurrah! It is International Women’s Day!  Props to all women everywhere and congratulations on having a day!

I love women.  My Mum is one. Also my Wife. Both my Sisters are women. My Dad too, now. So we’ve got a lot of lady love going on over here at KettlesOn HQ. 

To that end I would like to pay tribute to my tiny, wonderful Wife, a fierce and funny creature; infinitely talented and patient, clearly touched with The Magic.  Seriously.  She is capable of actual, factual, natural thaumaturgy.  Her best trick happened around two years ago when she magically made a new person!  With her vagina!  (That’s how that works right?)

So my beautiful best friend became a beautiful Mum, and I, a doting Dad.  Never have I known such wonder!  But this ain’t about me, it’s about she.  So I thought I would share her latest work with you, the timing seems perfect.  A female solo artist, the video was directed and edited by a female team.  Brew up a beverage and kick back with this beautiful tune.  This is Freya Ridings newest offering, the video is directed by Lena Headey and edited by the mighty Claire McGonigal. Enjoy!





I love you Chucklehead.xxxx