The Social Nitwit


It would not be wholly inaccurate to level the term curmudgeon at me.  Sad but true, I am an old bastard.  I genuinely think that music was better when I was growing up.  Beat cops to me all look like they should be carrying skateboards.  I sent a text message the other day. Old skool, likeisay.

Which is why it has taken me a wee while longer then I would have liked to get round to setting up Socials for this here enterprise.  Everyone is so sexy, funny and smart on the Fifth Estate (I am only two of those things), I found it a little intimidating to know where to begin. 

So with the help of some young and really rather able friends of mine we are now up on Facebook, Twitty and Instantgram, yay!  Follow us, like us, retweet our typey treats and we shall be forever indebted! 

To celebrate this auspicious occasion we are offering 30% orders for our friends on said socials. Please check out the links to each of our profiles above, there you will find a discount code that can be entered at checkout to neatly trim your bill.  Yay!

In further celebration, and coz it’s Friday, here is a nice mellow jam from Black Coffee, enjoy!