Product Personalisation



People often come up to me and say, ‘Hey Phil, you handsome devil, can you make some personalised products for me?’.  To which I always respond, ‘Hells yeah!  And thank you.  Moisturise!’

To that end we have now added a Personalised page to the website so that you can get in touch with any requests for custom stuff that you may need.  We can print pretty much anything you like on our Mugs, Espresso Cups and Water Bottles.  Text, images, logos, funny doodles, that awesome drawing that your kid did of you in nursery (she is very advanced).  Here are some of the custom jobs that we have done of late:


A wonderful performing arts group from Swansea on a mission to improve the well-being of its stars, all of whom have physical or learning disabilities.

Tickets for their new show can be booked right here.


Our good friends at Stoffel Presents spend more time gaming then you’ve had hot dinners*. There are loads of reviews, live shows and busy fingered goings on on their website, check it out.

* This silly simile was bought to you by…. too much coffee!


Beach Week ‘82

Spunky Punk Rock outfit from the south of the Motherland, pogo a go go!


Weird question, anyone remember when Mike Skinner was 14? We think that you should ignore his advice in this video, you most definitely should mug yourself.