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Coffee, Tea and Happiness

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Hello and a very warm welcome to Home to a wonderful array of printed drinkware (Regular Mugs, Espresso Mugs and Water Bottles), amazing locally sourced Coffees and Tea products, incredible Cocktails and an extravagant range of beautifully designed brewing products from our friends at Hario.

Please click onwards to see our ever growing catalogue of cool coffee creations and please get in touch and let us know what you think.

Come on in, take a look around and make yourself at home. The kettle is on and good things are a’brewing.



Hario Brew Kit

Japanese coffee craft to make your kitchen smile!

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Ahhh, life is never quite as pristinely assembled as it is in stock photography. This very morning I found a bit of nana in my hair (thank you my Darling Boy). But we can all live in hope of one day attaining that perfect moment of zen like relaxation, mug in hand, warm tinglies running through our bodies. You are not your to do lists. Your email to Jeff was fine, he’ll get the humour. You absolutely do not have to work late tonight…

We are all deserved of some moments of private relaxation; time to ponder (yeah, I think I would have made a great pirate), time to remember (it was funny when Mike kissed that chicken eh?), time to plan (I am soooo eating that last creme egg later…) As fleeting as these mental meanderings may be it is, perhaps, their brevity which makes them beautiful. Have a wee look around our website, we may help you get there yet.

By the way, our name refers to the fact that our customers have all put their kettles on, plural. Nil desperandum apostrophe fans!

Creme eggs are sooooooo good yo!


If you like your coffee hot, let me be your coffee pot.
— John Cooper Clarke